Bridal Shower Party Tips


It is important to figure out how many prizes you will need ahead of time. It’s up to you how big or little you want to go with this! You can do little gift bags, individual presents, bottles of wine, etc. but make sure you have enough. It’s surprising how competitive little old grandmas can get!

There are options below for varying amounts of prizes depending on how you play the games.

He Said/She Said:

1 PRIZE- In case of a tie, ask guests one of the additional game questions to determine a winner

Newlywed Game:

4 PRIZES- All 4 guests that wrote their name in the correct square win

1 PRIZE- Ask those 4 guests one of the additional games questions as a tie-breaker

Bridal Shower Bingo:

1-5 PRIZES- There may be more than one guest to hit Bingo at one time

1 PRIZE- Of those guests, the next one to mark off a square wins

Our Love Story:

5 PRIZES- Recommended; this is intended to be a team challenge

1 PRIZE- Have the bride pick her favorite line in her favorite story

Date Night Ideas:

0 PRIZES- The bride wins!

Running the Show

We know that you want this shower to be special. And you want it to go off without a hitch! Here at Sassafrass Jane, we have you covered. Below are some tips and hints we’ve learned along the way to make sure it’s perfect!

Pre-sort the Game Cards:

If you are doing a sit-down meal, have one each of the three postcard-sized game cards and markers/pens already passed out at everyone’s seat before guests arrive. If not, pass out those cards as guests are walking in.

Pass Out Envelopes:

Along with the Game Cards, pass out envelopes for the Thank You Cards, and guests can fill in their own addresses for the bride. This saves the bride SO much time and work after the shower, especially with everything else she probably has going on getting ready for the big day!

Have a Greeter:

Have one or all of the Bridesmaids greeting guests as they arrive, directing them to go ahead and begin filling out the game cards, to write their addresses on the envelopes, and to write their name on the Newlywed Poster to play.

You’re the Boss:

Make sure you explain how each of the games work before playing at the party, especially the Our Love Story game, and how to fold it BACKWARDS while playing. You’re also the decision maker when it comes to ties, or how close the bride’s answers are in the Newlywed Game!

Taking Pics:

Make sure you have at least one person taking pictures as you’re playing the games! I personally think it’s a nice touch when all of the bridesmaids also wear similar color tones, etc, and the bride is obviously in white! Submit pictures of your Shower to us at, or tag us on Instagram @sassafrassjane, #SJpartyposse, and you may be featured as Party Posse of the Month, eligible for free SJ Stuff!