January 03, 2016


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Bridal Showers vs. Bachelorette Parties- SJ's first post!


Welcome to Sassafrass Jane's first blog post! I figured I'd start with the basics, but this is actually a topic I run into quite frequently when telling people about my business. Bridal Showers and Bachelorette Parties are VERY different things! (I'll tell ya right now most men have no idea, and young single women always jump to thoughts of Vegas..) So feel free to send this to your Moms and MOHs to make sure they're in the know!

Bridal Showers ~ Bridal Showers are usually held about 3 months before the wedding, and are typically a weekend daytime event, such as a brunch. This is when you invite all of your close female friends, co-workers, aunts, grandmothers, neighbors, etc. An all-ages ladies party! There are differing views on who should throw the shower for the bride. Traditionally, it is a female relative other than the mother of the bride, and not a member of the bridal party. These days I think it is perfectly acceptable for the mother or a bridesmaid to host the shower, but no matter who throws it, get the bridesmaids involved in planning and setup. It allows them to get to know each other and your family before the big day! Games during this party should be PG rated and fun for all ages. Another great way to get your bridesmaids involved! (Check out our Bridal Shower Game Packs if you don't want to DIY- super fun, great quality, and cute themes to chose from) 

Bachelorette Parties ~ This is where you and your girls have a night on the town!! (Or at the spa, or in a vineyard, or at a fun dinner, or in Las Vegas going crazy..) Point is, this is your night with your closest girlfriends before your big day. Usually 1 month before the wedding. Everyone does it differently depending on their personal style, but this is something the Maid of Honor is almost always in charge of. Key here is making sure you cater to what the bride wants to do on her night out- make sure she has a blast above all else!! It's ok to ask the bridesmaids, or even all guests attending (depending on what you do) to pitch in for the cost. Bride usually doesn't pay! This is the party where you and your games can get a little bit vulgar and it's completely expected, too.. So gauge what your bride wants and then DO IT UP!! I always like the bride in white and everyone else in black or red, or some other sort of theme, as well.. 

Got any good ideas for Bridal Shower or Bachelorette themes? Any advice on planning the fiesta? We'd love to hear from you!

Hope this was helpful! Have fun and party on!

xoxo- Sassafrass Jane



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January 04, 2016

Ms. Jane,
Thank you for the clarification. Are you also involved wedding planning? I am working to create a venue on my family’s farm in Clinton, MD and need advice…. Any wedding planners around here you’d recommend that deal with farm/barns? Maybe just event planning?
Hope you are well!!

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